Mastering the art of feedback


Mastering the art of feedback


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Feedback, is it an art or a science? that is the question. In this workshop, we will discover tactics and strategies on how effectively give and receive feedback. It is not natural, it is not easy! However, it is so fulfilling when you receive or give a gift. Workshop delivered through simulation and role-plays. 1- The Experience of Feedback * Potential traps * Revealing your blind spot with feedback * Psychology of perspective 2- Receiving Feedback Well * Creating a spirit of development through feedback * Using feedback to write your story * The game of grace 3- Giving effective feedback * The five steps of feedback * Breaking prejudices when giving feedback * Forget about formalities






- Overcoming blind spots - Gaining the confidence to ask for feedback - Creating a spirit of development and Win-Win - Mastering how to provide effective and impartial feedback


E-booklet with structure and tips to keep on hand.

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